About Generous Or Not

You've seen offers from companies promising to make a nonprofit donation with each purchase. But you don't have time to investigate their promises. How do you know if they're really doing good, or if these are just cynical efforts to capture our money? How do you know if the companies are GenerousOrNot? That's what we're here for. Some companies donate a stated percentage of proceeds or of profit. Newman's Own (salad dressing) donates all of its profits. Hurrah for Paul Newman!

Some companies donate a stated amount with every purchase. Ten dollars with every red iPod, for instance, or 5 cents with every bottle of Ethos bottled water.

And some companies just hide behind a vague comment like, "a portion of sales (or profits) goes to nonprofits," without saying how much. What do they have to hide?

If companies want to promise that our purchases will do good in the world, we think they should say exactly what they'll do. We did the research. All you need to do is look around to find the information you need. If you know of other offers for us to list, please email us at submit@GenerousOrNot.org.

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