Welcome to WellGood LLC

WellGood LLC is a fast-growing consulting and marketing firm providing strategic planning, sponsorship, web implementation, and marketing services to help nonprofits fulfill their missions. Its executive team has extensive experience at such organizations as Wolfensohn, Arquitectonica, McKinsey and IBM.

Our current focus is on a new donation portal, ChangingThePresent.org, which uses the basic principles of modern business to make charitable giving transparent, efficient and social. It will change not just how money is raised, but also how nonprofits fit into people's lives. The goal is to make giving something that happens not just as a transaction, but as a way of expressing and sharing one's own values and interests with others.

WellGood is always looking for smart, creative, hard-working people to join the team. We seek social service professionals, marketers, designers, computer programmers, researchers and interns.